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Re: [xmlblaster] Queue clearing

diego paloschi wrote:

If I publish to many messages to a server, my client eventually gets a "resource.overflow.queue.entries" exception.
I assume that the server throws this exception and the reason
is that a subscriber client is not fast enough receiving the messages.
Like this the server side callback queue of this client fills up and
finally reaches the maximum configured size.

You can try to add a publish plugin to the server which throttles the speed of accepted published messages,
like this pushing the problem back the chain to the publisher.

If the publish intensity is only over a limited time (peek rate) just increase the callback queue size
and the queue will clear again in more quiet periods.

Finally you could try to increase the speed of the subscriber by using oneway updates
or burst mode (collecting many messages and send them as a chunk).

If the publisher is principally faster than the subscriber try to have multiple subscribers
each getting parts of the messages (some sort of load balancing).
You can also split the publisher to send every second message to another xmlBlaster
If all that is not possible there is no solution: a faster publisher will always fill up the queue
to unlimited sizes.

Note that persistent messages are many times slower processed than transient messages
as the harddisk is the limiting factor.


I have tried using my subscriber client to clear the queue (con.getQueue().clear()) once its received a message but the queue still overflows eventually. I have read somewhere that clients publish to a server quicker than a subscriber would get an update on that server. Could this be the problem? If it is, is there a clean way of dealing with this? Aside from increasing the queue's maximum size?


D. Paloschi

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