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[xmlblaster] Different problems

I'm starting with xmlBlaster and have a lot of questions and problems.  I'm really struggling at the moment.

1. Is there some kind of tutorial ?

2. I succeeded in publishing a file via the PublishFile class in xmlBlaster.  Via the GetMessage class I tried to get the file back.  The log shows me that the file I've published, is found, but I don't know how I can take the file back from xmlBlaster and used it in my reader client.

3. I want to use the persistence possibilities.  Do I have to have a database on every client, or only one on the server ?  What examples can give me help with that ?

4. If I publish e.g. 3 documents and the server goes down during the publishing of the second file, I presume that that file is put in the queue in the database.  Via what mechanism is that file retrieved then ?

5 Is there a way to make sure that the client gets those 3 documents in the same order I've published them ?

6 How do I remove a message when it has ben received by a client ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards / Vriendelijke groeten / Cordialement,

Koen Boutsen


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