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Re: [xmlblaster] update in OSF/Motif application

Jürgen Prinz wrote:
I try to embed the callback method (I_Callback) (update(const string& /*sessionId*/, UpdateKey& updateKey, const unsigned char *content,
or long contentSize, UpdateQos& updateQos)) in a program based on OSF/Motif. However following functions using features as XtAppAddTimeOut or XmUpdateDisplay don't work or even "return".

How can this be solved?


Hi Jürgen,

as Michele said, i also believe that it is a threading issue.
I'm not sure if you are allowed to use
XtAppAddTimeOut( context, (unsigned long) timeout, handle, (XtPointer)this);
from different threads or if you need to dispatche the call
to the X-Window main thread ...
I would recommend to create a tiny "HelloWorld" C application with the
X-Windows main loop and two threads with pthreads and try it out in a debugger,


-- Marcel Ruff http://www.xmlBlaster.org