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Re: [xmlblaster] Re: memory leak with socket sessions

Póka Balázs wrote:
Hi again!

Reflecting on my memory leak post yesterday, today I went though some
source code, beginning with QueuePluginManager. I noticed that the
only place where unprocessedEvents.remove is called is method
registerFinished() (that means that the map can only be emptied
there); that method is called from nowhere else than
EventPlugin.init(Global, PluginInfo). The most important piece of
information by far is that I didn't have any EventPlugin enabled!
So, I suppose this memory leak must have been occuring from the
beginning, but it only became a problem because on of our clients
reconnects every 10 minutes.

Am I right or wrong? :)

The leak sneaked in on 2007-06-19.

Michele, it seems the offending code is

public I_Queue getPlugin(PluginInfo pluginInfo, StorageId storageId, QueuePropertyBase props) throws XmlBlasterException {
if (!props.isEmbedded()) {
EventHelper helper = this.storageEventHandler.generateEventHelper(storageId);
this.storageEventHandler.registerListener(plugin, helper);
return plugin;

any idea why decided to always register the listener?

We could add to StorageEventHandler:
public void removeListener(I_Storage storage) throws XmlBlasterException {
if (this.processedEvents != null) {
synchronized(this.processedEvents) {
and somehow call it from I_Storage.shutdown() ...

Balázs, for the time being you could activate the EventPlugin (for some dummy events)
to clean up the leak.

Balázs Póka

Marcel Ruff