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[xmlblaster] j2me related questions..


it's described on the j2me client requirements page, a typical use
case using a servlet engine (Tomcat) which opens a connection to
xmlBlaster to delegate the request.

Does this means that i cannot connect a j2me client directly to xmlblaster ?
If this is not the case, does it imply any custom development or is
this use case already accounted for on the library used ?

i built the j2me client demo and i tried this on the wtk2.5.1 emulator
and i got some exceptions:

C:\xmlBlaster\demo\j2me>set J2ME_HOME=C:\WTK2.5.1

C:\xmlBlaster\demo\j2me>C:\WTK2.5.1/bin/emulator -Xdescriptor .\SystemInfo.jad
Running with storage root temp.DefaultColorPhone4
Running with locale: Portuguese_Portugal.1252
Running in the identified_third_party security domain
java.lang.RuntimeException: unexpected code: <
        at org.xmlBlaster.util.Base64.decode(+127)
        at org.xmlBlaster.util.Base64.decode(+52)
        at org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.http.j2me.XmlBlasterAccessJ2ME.decodeBase64(+11)
        at org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.http.common.XmlBlasterAccessRawBase.postRequest(+250)
        at org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.http.common.PersistentRequest.run(+13)
PersistentRequest #1 [ERROR]: Can't handle exception: java.lang.RuntimeException
: unexpected code: <XmlBlasterAccess #1 [INFO]: isConnected(false)
XmlBlasterAccess #1 [ERROR]: Can't login to xmlBlaster, timed out.
java.lang.Exception: Can't login to xmlBlaster, timed out.
        at org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.http.common.XmlBlasterAccessRawBase.startPersistentHttpConnection(+83)
        at org.xmlBlaster.client.protocol.http.common.XmlBlasterAccessRawBase.connect(+122)
        at SystemInfoMidlet.init(+21)
        at SystemInfoMidlet.startXmlBlaster(+193)
        at SystemInfoMidlet.run(+4)