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Re: [xmlblaster] Unknown log file message

David R Robison wrote:
My logfile has a lot of the following types of messages, what to they mean and how can I better handle them? Thanks, David

INFO | jvm 1 | 2007/10/11 17:47:58 | Oct 11, 2007 5:47:58 PM WARNING 8255-XmlBlaster.DispatchWorkerPool.StauntonSTC-143 RL10 org.xmlBlaster.engine.RequestBroker deadMessage: Recursive message 'callback:/node/StauntonSTC/client/SYSTEM/-9/MAX/1192139148942000004/DomainHeartbeat-Albemarle911' is error handled already (sent as dead letter), we ignore it.

Hi David,

could you please provide more details?
Is the client 'SYSTEM/-9' disappearing frequently?
How are the connect settings?
Does your callback queue overflow?
Is it a PtP or a subscribed message?


Marcel Ruff