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Re: [xmlblaster] Re: memory leak with socket sessions

Hi all,
the leak is now removed and the code is available in the current svn
trunk. The leak was due to a change in the EventPlugin.


Marcel Ruff wrote:
> Jonathan Clark wrote:
>> Marcel,
>> I'm trying to track down this specific memory leak change, but could
>> not identify it in svn through the date or the svn comments.  Any help
>> would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,
> The leak was somewhere introduced at
>   #16357 EventPlugin notification when queue threshold is reached
> We added a possibility to trigger arbitrary events when queues run full.
> It was partly fixed some weeks ago and currently Michele does some
> final coding on this issue,
> regards,
> Marcel
>> Mon, 17 Sep 2007
>> Michele wrote:
>>     Hi Marcel,
>>     you are right, a cleanup is needed when shutting down the queue.
>> Ok, i have now commited the patch,
>> Balázs could you please verify?
>> thanks
>> Marcel
>> Jonathan Clark
>> Open Roads Consulting, Inc.
>> 757-546-3401