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Re: [xmlblaster] use of public I_ConnectionProblems

Hi Jürgen,

you are probably missing the registration for such events:



Jürgen Prinz wrote:
I tried to employ the public I_ConnectionProblems method as shown in SubscribeDemo with my clients
in BlasterBase.H
class BlasterBase : public I_Callback, public I_ConnectionProblems
bool reachedAlive(StatesEnum /*oldState*/, I_ConnectionsHandler* connectionsHandler);
void reachedDead(StatesEnum /*oldState*/, I_ConnectionsHandler* /*connectionsHandler*/);
void reachedPolling(StatesEnum /*oldState*/, I_ConnectionsHandler* /*connectionsHandler*/);

In BlasterBase.C
bool BlasterBase::reachedAlive(StatesEnum /*oldState*/, I_ConnectionsHandler* connectionsHandler)
cout << " !!!!!!!!!!!! reachedAlive" << endl;
return true;
void BlasterBase::reachedPolling(StatesEnum /*oldState*/, I_ConnectionsHandler* connectionsHandler)
cout << " !!!!!!!!!!!! reachedPolling" << endl;
void BlasterBase::reachedDead(StatesEnum /*oldState*/, I_ConnectionsHandler* connectionsHandler)
cout << " !!!!!!!!!!!! reachedDead" << endl;

but never got called.

The SubscribeDemo, using the same properties and the same xmlBlaster report the approtriate LOG_INFO's.

Any suggestions ?

Marcel Ruff