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Re: [xmlblaster] How integrate xmlBlaster in existing applications

Hi Sam,

I want to know if we can integrate xmlblaster as mideleware in existing system, i dis not find an answer on the site: 1- Is is possible to integrate xmlblastre without developping, just with configuration?

In theory you can avoid coding and do a lot with configuration, e.g. if you use the file poller plugin
and throw files on the disk to be transittet, or if you use xmlBlaster xml-scripting.
In real use cases you need to code.

2- if developpement is a must, what are the steps , it seems for me that xmlblaster in examples runs as server and i do not know how to make it as bridge, is it sufficient to have developpement code in xmlblaster path?

First you start the xmlBlaster server somewhere.

Now your coding starts:
You take the provided client libraries in your preferred language (Java/C++/C/ScriptLanguages/C#/...)
and code the messages you want to transfer.
Those xmlBlaster clients are the gateways to your existing applications, DB and logic.


Thanks you Sam

Marcel Ruff