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Re: [xmlblaster] Wildcard exclude in EventName to enable capture of all events exc ept...

Salut Richard,

richard.aillet at fr.thalesgroup.com wrote:
> Hi,
> Regarding the "admin.event" REQ, it seams possible to use the EventNames
> :client/[subjectId]/session/[publicSessionId]/event/subscribe and
> client/[subjectId]/session/[publicSessionId]/event/unSubscribe
> which enable to capture a specific client which subscribes/unsubscribe.
> As a result I have two questions :
> 1- Can the wildcard be used to mention a client that name starts with a
> sequence. For exemple using the EventName syntax
> client/joe*/session/1/event/subscribe.
No it is not possible, the wildcard is very simple: it just allows
everything, your example would not result in anything but:
would give everything back.
If you want a finer selection I would suggest to subscribe with the
wildcard and then add a Mimeplugin (probably xpath, regex or sql92 would
do fine here) to the subscription to only receive what specified in your

See the requirements for the mime plugins mentioned above:



> 2- Is there a mean to exclude some subjectIds instead of capture all
> subjectId using wildcard '*'. If yes what's the syntax ?
> Thanks,
> Richard.