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Re: [xmlblaster] Replication and Mysql?

Hi Henning,
in order to make the replication run *to* MySQL should not be an issue
(just a matter of testing and possibly make some minor adjustments to
the code).

To have the replication run *from* MySQL (i.e. having MySQL to be the
source or master of the replication) needs some additional
implementation efforts, particularly on the sql side or alternatively
from redologs.

Currently nobody is actively working on implementing mySQL as a source
but if there is an interest for that, it could be put on the long term
TODO list.

Alternatively, we could also offer commercial support on this. Also, if
you are familiar with MySQL you could contribute in implementing the
MySQL Specifics. For either cases you can contact Marcel
(mr at marcelruff.info) or me (michele at laghi.eu) directly to further
discuss the details.


Henning Stener wrote:
> Hi,
> We are just starting out evaluating xmlblaster, and I'm wondering if
> anyone has any pointers on getting replication running to/from MySQL?
> Is anyone currently making a
> org.xmlBlaster.contrib.replication.impl.SpecificMySQL ?
> Best regards,
> Henning