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Re: [xmlblaster] Persisent subscriptions/connections

Craig McIlwee wrote:

I'm having some trouble figuring out how to set a couple of the configuration options.  In the example code I don't see where 'dispatch/callback/retries' and 'dispatch/callback/delay' are being set.  Are these server side settings?  We were already running the following code that is shown in the examples:

        qos.getClientQueueProperty().setMaxEntries(1000); // queue up to 1000 messages

and have added the > 0 session id, but this doesn't seem to help.  I am also now seeing the following output on my console:

SEVERE: Parsing error: errorCode=resource.configuration message=#16646M Error wh
ile SAX parsing :5:88 : org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Element type "subscribe"
must be followed by either attribute specifications, ">" or "/>".
This must be a bug in xmlBlaster, i believe the subscription contains invalid XML characters.
I have fixed this (xmlBlaster now properly escapes it) and commitet it to svn,

but of our subscription information has changed.  When I comment out the session id line the error goes away.  This is my session id line:

qos.setSessionName(new SessionName(global, name + "/1")); // where name is something like 'DGServices'.

Is there something I am missing here?

Thanks again,
Craig McIlwee

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Hi Craig,
for this issue please read the response I sent earlier today to John.


McIlwee, Craig wrote:
I need to get some clarification on the purpose of persistent connections and subscriptions. Up until now I had been under the impression that if I made a persistent subscription and was disconnected from the server for some reason (my client crashed, network went down, etc), upon reconnect my subscription would still exist and I would not have to reissue it. In addition to this, I expected that all messages that I missed while disconnected would be queued for me and I would receive them on reconnect.

Today I tried to test this out by creating a persistent subscription and then pulling my Ethernet cable. Shortly afterward I did a state dump on xmlBlaster and saw that all references to my connection and subscriptions were no longer present. After plugging the cable back in and letting my client reconnect I had no subscriptions.

This is not what I had expected so I jumped onto the xmlBlaster reference book and from what I was reading it looked like persistent connections would only come into play if the xmlBlaster server crashed, not if there was some network disconnect or if the client crashed. Have I been wrong about the use of persistence all along? If so, is there a way for xmlBlaster to queue my messages while Iâm disconnected so that I can receive them on reconnect (and not have to receive everything that I had already gotten)? If I can receive the missed updates only, will I received all updates for a topic or only the most recent?

Thanks in advance,

Craig McIlwee

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