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Re: [xmlblaster] Testing Protocols

thanks Marcel and Craig for these hints.

Thanks Zied for this nice files, but there is no output to see. I edited the code file but I didn't know where can I get the output.

Also, can we send multiple messages and receive them by the client (as more then one ping - pong )


On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 3:04 PM, Zied ABID <zied.abid at it-sudparis.eu> wrote:
Hi again,

this is what I code , you can take an idea :

PongTest is a subscriber that wait for a "ping" message
PingTest is a publisher that wait for a "pong" message after sending a "ping" message and calculate the latency

I hope that help you little

PS : running in console with correct argument for server, port ,CallBack port ....


Mohannad a écrit :
thanks Zied,
These files will be helpful. However, I need tools for measurement. I used jconsole but I didn't find for example a way to measure the time delay or packet transmission time.

Is there any function in Jconsole will help to support this ?



On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 12:01 PM, Zied ABID <zied.abid at it-sudparis.eu> wrote:

   Dear Mohannad,

   If I understand, you want just use xmlBlaster to publish and
   receive message, so you should take a look on javaClients
   HelloWorld in
   $XMLBLASTER_HOME/demo/javaClients specially : HelloWorldPublish
   and HelloWorldSubscribe

   $XMLBLASTER_HOME/demo/HelloWorld6 is helpful too to have an idea
   on protocol's configuration

   I'm begging also in xmlBlaster , so I hope that is helpful


   Mohannad a écrit :

       thanks Marcel,

       I need the XMLBlaster for just publish messages and the
       clients simply will receive them. So by changing the code of
       Java file in the client side (will lead somehow to different
       seniors), and then we can take some approximate measurements.

       If this possible at least to build some approximation and not
       necessary to be very accurate, I will be appreciate it if you
       could help us to make it by this Middleware package.

       Thanks again,


       On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 11:00 AM, Marcel Ruff
       <mr at marcelruff.info <mailto:mr at marcelruff.info>
       <mailto:mr at marcelruff.info <mailto:mr at marcelruff.info>>> wrote:

          Mohannad wrote:

              Dear Marcel,

              I'm new here for using XMLBlaster. I am working with my
              college in my university on project which depends
       totally on
              XMLBlaster package. We need the package for testing several
              protocols on different operating systems (different objects
              also) by changing the loads that sent. This will help to
              decide which protocol is better than other in specific

              My doctor in my university suggested to use XMLBlaster
              it has powerful capability to monitor the real time and
              calculate statistics (e.g number of messages sent in
              time period)
              I tried to figure out that capabilities by using
       jconsole, but
              I could not find these real time monitoring for my
       project's goal.

              Could you help me to find a way to accomplish our
       project goal?

          Hi Mohannad,

          you plan a scientific task.

          To do such performance measurements you need to create an
          experimental setup
          and precisely define the measurement points with minimal
          (cross effects etc) in between.

          This needs to be coded depending on what your goals are
          and can't be generally done by a middleware.

          I wish you success,

              Thanks Marcel,


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