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Re: [xmlblaster] locking bug


> i have looked at your thread dump, but i couldn't come to a conclusion,
> it is not possible to see the lock-taking thread ...
> Could you please send me the logfiles as well, during the time the
> threads are consumed
> (probably with  -logging/org.xmlBlaster.engine FINE
> but this will blow up your files).

It most definately would.
But I had an idea which should help me to get a stacktrace from the
place of the last invocation of lock() in case some thread can't lock
the lock instance after waiting for some time.

> Could you please add in TopicAccessor.java:376
> the keyword 'volatile':
>     private volatile TopicHandler topicHandler;
> It is just i very blind guess.

Will try.

> Can you make a grep in your log files on the line
>  log.warning("Trying again to get a TopicHandler ...
> if it is logged somewhere.

Already tried, no matches.

> Is it always the same topicId which fails?
> Do you have many other topics witch work fine?

My use case is quite special. There is only one topic which is used by
all clients, but they only send p2p messages to each other. In a sense
I'm using xmlBlaster as a protocol-independent server-client messaging

Balázs Póka