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[xmlblaster] ANNOUNCE xmlBlaster release 1.6.4

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

we would like to announce xmlBlaster release 1.6.4.

It is a bug fix release and contains many extensions,
so we recommend you to upgrade.
It is released after massive testing (Java/C/C++)
and a lot of feed back of our partners and users.

The most remarkable extensions are:

o Mature and outstanding database replication,
  beating smilingly other *very* expensive offerings
  under most unbelievable operating environments

o Cluster callback tunneling with SSL
  for high secure inter-company communication

o MacOSX and iPhone client ports
  to crown the extensive mobile support

o Extensive administrative control during operation
  and legal recording of message flow

This is the last release supporting JDK 1.4

For more details please visit


the xmlBlaster maintainers