Download xmlBlaster

Official release: all sources, docs, libraries: 32 MB (32377784 Bytes) 31 MB (31334016 Bytes) 34 MB (33942668 Bytes)

If you develop with xmlBlaster, checkout from subversion. This is the most current snapshot and usually as stable as the official releases.
Important note when upgrading from before 2.0.0:

The database schema for xmlBlaster messages has changed and is incompatible to the previous. If you have existing queues or other persistent data in xmlBlaster you have the choice between:

  1. Transfer the existing data to the new schema and use the new xmlBlaster/config/ as your
    This is the recommended way.
  2. Stay with the old schema, as configured in your old

Please read more details in queue.jdbc requirement

Please verify the download by the following MD5 checksum files


   md5sum xmlBlaster_REL_2_2_0.tgz
   ac5798639bfdce970d727bdecb6b87e6 xmlBlaster_REL_2_2_0.tgz

and compare the result with the above md5 file.

Usually your Linux distribution includes the md5sum executable, for Windows you can download the md5.exe from here

Older xmlBlaster releases

Note for Solaris users:

The Solaris tar is not compatible with our GNU tar. Solaris users should download the zip version or install a GNU tar on their machine.


Unpack the distribution and follow these guidelines.
For more thorough installation informations please read the file xmlBlaster/INSTALL in the distribution.

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