What is xmlBlaster?

XmlBlaster is an event driven messaging middleware which you can use to integrate your new and existing software components inside your company and between different companies.

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[June 17, 2020]
xmlBlaster is now on github. Download
xmlBlaster is still actively maintained, so we decided to simplify access via github

[June 09, 2014]
Released xmlBlaster version 2.2.0 'Piano Bar'. Download
After many smaller changes und fixes (see CHANGES) it was time to release xmlBlaster v2.2.0.

And it runs and runs and runs ...
xmlBlaster is one of those backend tools doing all the hard work without whining ... most people will ever take notice of it ... got curious?

[July 10, 2013]
Please check CHANGES then and again to be updated about smaller changes und fixes.

[Dezember 24, 2012]
XmlBlaster is running smoothly in many commercial installations under heavy load.
It's time to tell again about this positiv feedback of a piece of software doing quitely and persistently a brilliant job!

[October 12, 2011]
Released xmlBlaster version 2.1.0 'Premium'. Download
See the CHANGES file to find out what is new and read the RELEASE NOTES.
Try our INSTALLATION and ready to run in only 45 seconds (SUN/IBM/HP JDK 1.5/1.6/1.7)!

xmlBlaster 2.1.0 represents one of the most significant messaging middleware since the introduction of xmlBlaster half a decade ago. It offers all types of developers a wider spectrum of software integration (SOA) possibilities and a greatly advanced messaging experience. By expanding the xmlBlaster product line to include the C# Windows Mobile/PocketPC/Smartphone/iPhone client libraries and the commercially available highly compressed J2ME communication client for mobile devices, xmlBlaster 2.1.0 delivers a compelling toolset for everyone, from small scale developments to enterprise developer teams.

[September 09, 2009]
Released xmlBlaster version 2.0.0 'Premium'. Download
See the CHANGES file to find out what is new and read the RELEASE NOTES.
Try our INSTALLATION and ready to run in only 45 seconds (SUN/IBM/HP JDK 1.5/1.6)!

xmlBlaster 2.0.0 continues xmlBlaster.org coders investment in market revolution messaging tools. 2.0.0 addresses issues that were found through a combination of user and partner feedback, as well as internal usage and testing.

[March 16, 2009]
Ported XMLRPC Protocol to the apache ws implementation 3.1.1.
The Code is available on the svn main trunk.

[November 18, 2008]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.6.4. Download
See the CHANGES file to find out what is new and read the RELEASE NOTES.
Try our INSTALLATION and ready to run in only 45 seconds (SUN/IBM/Blackdown/HP JDK 1.4/1.5/1.6)!
[October 21, 2008]
xmlBlaster support for iPhone is available!

See the client.c requirement.

[May 04, 2008]
New: SOA based Watchee.net tracking portal based on xmlBlaster ESB.
See how xmlBlaster integrates backend services with mobile devices (phones, J2ME, PDA, Windows Mobile, iPhone, black-boxes) and with the Web. And all that with real time communication.

Go to http://watchee.net.

[December 03, 2007]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.6.2 'Openroads'. Download
[October 21, 2007]
A new checkpoint plugin is available. This allows tracing messages as they pass through xmlBlaster.
See the admin.checkpoint requirement.
[August 25, 2007]
ObjectSecurity has integrated their enterprise security management product with xmlBlaster. This way, security for XMLBlaster environments can be centrally managed using OpenPMF. For more details please visit http://www.objectsecurity.com/doc/20070629_openpmf_xmlblaster.pdf
[August 02, 2007]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.6.1. Download
See the CHANGES file to find out what is new and read the RELEASE NOTES.
[July 25, 2007]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.6. Download
[Feb 26, 2007]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.5.1. Download
[Jan 28, 2007]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.5. Download
[Jan 26, 2007]
xmlBlaster goes .NET
XmlBlaster supports now managed languages like C#, managed C++ and VB.net on Windows, Mono/Linux and on Windows CE (ARM/XScale and others) using the SOCKET protocol with tunneled callbacks and zlib:stream compression.
See the client.c.windowsCE requirement.
[Oct 22, 2006]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.4. Download
[Sep 26, 2006]
It is now possible to send new plugins to a running xmlBlaster with normal xmlBlaster-messages. The message contains the jar file with your plugin code and the XML configuration to configure it.
See the engine.runlevel.howto requirement.
[Sep 10, 2006]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.3. Download
[July 19, 2006]
Extended our password based authentication plugin with basic authorization features based on invocation type and topic names. See the security.htpasswd requirement for an example.
[July 3, 2006]
Added convenience API methods for Java clients for the request/reply pattern.
The two new methods receive() and request() support synchronous access with many options.
[June 30, 2006]
Added example configuration for inter-cluster communication over email.
You can transparently switch for example from SSL socket to compressed email communication (preserving all failure recovery features) if for example two companies need to connect but don't want to open their firewall, see Email Configuration README.
[Apr 13, 2006]
Access xmlBlaster from ANT.
You can now access xmlBlaster completely from within an Apache ANT build.xml file, see XmlBlasterTask API.
[Mar 19, 2006]
We established a new repository structure for the xmlBlaster sources.
So please rename your existing working directory and get it new from our svn-server.
[Mar 13, 2006]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.2. Download
[Mar 09, 2006]
Added SocketGetter to the contrib package.
This little client allows read only access to xmlBlaster messages with a simple telnet from within a script for example to read the content of messages which are stored in the mom.
[Mar 07, 2006]
Removed org.jutils dependency
As the org.jutils java library is not maintained anymore we have now removed all dependency on it.
[Mar 05, 2006]
Moved to java.util.logging framework
We have removed the older org.jutils.log from xmlBlaster and the complete logging is now done with SUNs logging framework which was introduced with JDK 1.4, see the admin.logging requirement.
[Jan 22, 2006]
Documentation Replication
Besides the short requirement a documentation for the replication has been added. It is available as multipage html and as single page html.
[Jan 16, 2006]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.1.1. Download
[Jan 13, 2006]
Online Flash Demos available
Online demos provided with flash have been added. As a first example we show a simple demo on replication.
Click on Online Demos or on the left navigation bar.
[Jan 03, 2006]
Cool News Folks: DB Replication with XmlBlaster is now HOT !
An extensive flexible and extensible framework can be found in the org.xmlBlaster.contrib.replication package. This framework allows you among other things to replicate data from one database of a particular vendor to one of another vendor in a portable fashion. The data can be modified, filtered and transported over the most unthinkable communication protocols. Yes you can even replicate entire databases via emails and over the most fancy firewalls and security gateways.
As always, it is unnecessary but anyway worth to say that failsafe- and correct sequence delivery are guaranteed even on unreliable communication channels.
The contrib.replication requirement shows a simple usage.
mx4j monitoring
[Jan 03, 2006]
The JMX Monitoring based on the MX4J Http adaptor released.
See the admin.jmx requirement for more details.
You can start the mx4j http adaptor as a plugin. This adaptor generates xml responses on http requests which can be processed/transformed with xsl stylesheets. It is quite easy to use and highly costumizable, make it an ideal approach for tailored business specific monitoring.
mx4j monitoring
[Jan 03, 2006]
A plugin for event notification to destinations like email,SMS,JMX and messages is added.
See the admin.events requirement for more details.
Administrators can use this to monitor xmlBlaster operation and to be notified about critical issues.
xmlBlaster monitoring
[Dec 22, 2005]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.1. Download
[Dec 18, 2005]
The email based communication protocol is released.
See the protocol.email requirement for more details.
You can use emails transparently instead of CORBA or XMLRPC to do the complete communication between clients and the server or you can use your favored email client (like outlook or thunderbird) to send email messages to xmlBlaster.
[Nov 15, 2005]
Here is another demo to access XmlBlaster from C#. This demo use xml-rpc with callback for asynchronous update.
See the client.csharp requirement for more details.
Client Csharp demo
[Oct 25, 2005]
Released xmlBlaster Xmas version 1.0.7 stable (patch release 7). Download
[Aug 11, 2005]
Here is another use case for xmlBlaster. This second use case for business interprise symbiosis

Cluster Environment

(click on image) demonstrates how xmlBlaster can be used to connect loosely environmental data all over the world and make it available in real time for every scientific institution, government offices, commercial company or private hosehold.
[Aug 10, 2005]
Released xmlBlaster Xmas version 1.0.6
[July 25, 2005]
Added native HTML monitoring support to xmlBlaster.

HTML monitoring GUI

Please read the admin.http requirement for details.
[July 5, 2005]
Chris Lau added a Firebird persistence plugin.
Please read the queue.jdbc.firebird requirement for details.
[July 04, 2005]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.0.4
[July 3, 2005]
Added extended JMX monitoring support to xmlBlaster.

JMX monitoring GUI

Please read the admin.jmx requirement for details.

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