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What can I use xmlBlaster for?

Use it as a middleware for your application where you need asynchronous instant communication, for example:

A logging server.

All distributed processes (client, servers, applets, servlets, scripts) report their state and errors to xmlBlaster.
A system administrator for examples subscribes to all errors and can control the system.
A nice GUI subscribes to all state messages and shows users the state of their system.

An air traffic control system.

All measurement devices like air pressure, wind speed or runway state devices publish their
data to the xmlBlaster.
The air traffic controller sitting in his tower subscribes to the interested informations to support his airport activities.

An instant and reliable email system.

Sometimes a team needs instant email delivery, and fine grained broadcast possibilities.
An example are the air traffic controllers in the previous example.

A chat system.

All messages are sent to xmlBlaster which distributes it to subscribed members.

A news ticker.

New generated news content is published to the xmlBlaster and then distributed to all paying customers.

A job control system.

Running agents on distributed hosts report their states to xmlBlaster and may be controlled by
sending tasks to selected agents.

A legacy integration middleware.

Wouldn't it be nice to publish you proven and mature C application with some Java applets in the intranet/internet?
Gluing together your exiting applications with web aware languages shouldn't be a problem with xmlBlaster.

And much more ...

Any more ideas?
Feel free to discuss them in our mailing list.