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[May 16, 2005]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.0.3
[Feb 24, 2005]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.0.2
[Feb 08, 2005]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.0.1
[Feb 07, 2005]
Added a StartupTasks plugin. This plugin is loaded on xmlBlaster startup and allows you to do administrative tasks defined in a scripting file. Please read the admin.startupTasks requirement for details.
[Feb 05, 2005]
Added a DeadMessageDumper plugin. This plugin is loaded on xmlBlaster startup dumps dead messages to hard disk. Please read the admin.errorHandling requirement for details.
[Jan 11, 2005]
A database change poller plugin is now available. With this framework you can detect changes on database tables and automatically publish them as XML formatted messages to xmlBlaster. Please read the contrib.dbwatcher requirement for details.
[Dec 23, 2004]
Released xmlBlaster Xmas version 1.0 Download
See the CHANGES file to find out what is new and read the RELEASE NOTES.
Try our INSTALLATION and ready to run in only 45 seconds (SUN/IBM JDK 1.3/1.4/1.5)!
[Dec 19, 2004]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.RC4 *stable*
[Dec 14, 2004]
Forstware has donated a file poller native plugin which polls a directory on the file system and publishes the file contents to xmlBlaster. The poller plugin has many configuration possibilities.
Read the client.filepoller requirement
[Dec 08, 2004]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.RC3 *stable*
[Dec 01, 2004]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.RC2 *stable*
[Oct 28, 2004]
Released xmlBlaster version 1.RC1 *stable*
[Oct 25, 2004]
We are starting now a series to demonstrate use cases for xmlBlaster. This first use case for business interprise symbiosis

Cluster Two Companies

(click on image) demonstrates how xmlBlaster can be used to connect loosely the workflow of two or more companies.
[Oct 10, 2004]
The C and C++ client library has now compression support using zlib in streaming mode (zlib:stream). The code is available with cvs. See protocol.socket requirement
[Oct 7, 2004]
Balázs Póka has donnated zlib compression support to xmlBlaster and its java clients using the SOCKET protocol plugin. The code is available with cvs. See protocol.socket requirement
[Sep 17, 2004]
Balázs Póka has donnated SSL support to xmlBlaster and its java clients using the SOCKET protocol plugin. The code is available with cvs. See protocol.socket requirement
[Aug 30, 2004]
Released xmlBlaster version 0.91
[Aug 27, 2004]
Michal Masa has added UDP datagram support to one way calls with the SOCKET protocol plugin. UDP is available for C and C++ clients which communicate to xmlBlaster. The code is available with cvs.
[June 01, 2004]
A new mime plugin is available: called Sql92Filter. You can use it on get() and subscribe() to filter the clientProperties of the publishQos following a subset of the SQL92 syntax. It covers the JMS MessageSelector specification and additionally offers you REGEX queries. Read more about it on the mime.plugin.access.sql92 requirement. The code is available on cvs.
[Apr 07, 2004]
J2ME Demo

XmlBlaster is now accessible from your mobile phone !

The tiny client api used for applets has been extended to be used with MIDP-1.0 capable devices There is a requirement about it called client.j2me. There is the SystemInfo demo available. You can download it directly from your embedded device and test it. Here's on the sides is how it looks in sun's emulator.The example and the library are less than 30 kB together and of course it has support for asynchronous callbacks
J2ME Demo

[Mar 25, 2004]
Easy access xmlBlaster from VisualBasic or C# with the new ActiveX control.
For details have a look at the client.activex requirement.
[Feb 9, 2004]
The xmlBlaster client C++ library got a general logging interface. We have added log4cplus as our default logging implementation plugin.
Have a look at the client.cpp.logging requirement.
[Jan 29, 2004]
An xml based script interpreter is now available in the java library (client.script.XmlScriptInterpreter). It opens the road to many different possibilities. You can now invoke xmlBlaster in an ant- or maven like fashion.
Have a look at the client.script requirement or at the demo javaclients.script.XmlScript.
[Jan 14, 2004]
The xmlBlaster client C++ library got a SOCKET protocol plugin based on the native xmlBlaster SOCKET protocol.
This makes C++ access even more simple as you don't need to download a third party CORBA library anymore.
[Nov 17, 2003]
The first alpha release of the Tiny XmlBlaster Applet is available. It tunnels through proxies and firewalls and allows instant asynchronous callbacks over a persistent http connection. The whole library is 23 kBytes only!
See the client.java.applet requirement and additionally the updated client.browser requirement.
[Nov 1, 2003]
There is a new page available where screenshots of some of the cool demos can been found together with a summary description on how to use them. Have a look at it since some of the demos are really cool. Particularly useful is the graphic chat which has been rewritten and is now stable. see the mentionned page demos.html.
[Oct 5, 2003]
Finished the local plugin framework for clients running in the same JVM as the server. For a description and demos see the requirements protocol.local and engine.runlevel.howto.
[Sep 19, 2003]
A new tag called clientProperty has been added to all qos (with exception of status qos). The content is not processed by the server core but can be passed to other clients (for example in the update method) or to plugins. The requirement specifying this is engine.qos.clientProperty
[Sep 14, 2003]
A new error code overview page is available, see
for more details.
[Sep 10, 2003]
Peter Antman and Jens Askengren added Jaxen extension functions to the XPath full text search plugin for xml'ish message contents of mime types like text/xml and image/svg+xml.
Please read
XmlBlaster mime.plugin.access.xpath requirement
for more details.
[Sep 10, 2003]
Peter Antman added support for JBoss 3.0.
See the JMX MBean version of XmlBlaster and the Java Connector Architecture (JCA) compatible resource adapter requirements.
[Jul 11, 2003]
Peter Bennett and Michele Laghi added a patch for MySQL as a persistence layer for xmlBlaster. See the queue.jdbc.mysql requirement for more details.
[June 27, 2003]
HSQLDB has been added as a new database. It is the default database. Since it runs in the same VM as xmlBlaster there is no need to start a DB Server. Persistence is now enabled per default. If you want to run purely RAM based or if you want to choose another DB have a look at the comments in xmlBlaster.properties. See also the queue.jdbc.hsqldb requirement for more details.
[June 9, 2003]
Zhang Zhi Wei has added a patch for Microsoft SQL Server as a persistence layer for xmlBlaster. See the queue.jdbc.sqlserver requirement for more details.
[June 3, 2003]
The xmlBlaster client library for ANSI C is available. The lib is tiny and portable and well suited for embedded devices, mobiles, ticket machines, Pocket PC and the like. See the client.c.socket requirement for more details.
[May 10, 2003]
Michele Laghi added a graphical chat demo. This allows to discuss for example software designs in real time with any number of remote developers. See README
[Apr 24, 2003]
We have added a message flow chart with the involved plugins.
Please read
message flow in publish/subscribe mode
for more details.
[Apr 13, 2003]
New and cooler Python support is added by Peter Arwanitis.
Please read
the README file
and the python client code
for more details.
[Apr 10, 2003]
We now provide a Who is using xmlBlaster Wiki site.
Input will be kindly donated from the numerous and various xmlBlaster users themself.
[Mar 26, 2003]
We have now a documentation which describes the configuration on client side.
Please read
the client.configuration requirement
for more details.
[Mar 24, 2003]
The powerful pluggable queue framework which is used in the xmlBlaster server is now embedded into the Java client library as well.

Please read
The queue requirement
for more details.

The queue supports caching and swapping of messages on client side. Tailback of huge amounts of messages on the client side are swapped transparently to your harddisk. Messages marked as persistent survive client crashes.

[Mar 22, 2003]
Michele extended the runlevel manager to be configurable by an xml configuration file. See the engine.runlevel requirement.

This allows cool things like configuring an administrative run level where only an administrator can access xmlBlaster.
You can as well add your own native plugins at any runlevel. A use case is to configure xmlBlaster with specific topics on startup or to add native business logic plugins to xmlBlaster.

[Feb 27, 2003]
Added support for cluster registration in a CORBA NameService, please read the protocol.corba.NameService and protocol.corba.JacORB requirement.
[Feb 14, 2003]

The C++ client library is released for different OS and CORBA implementations.

See client.cpp requirement for more informations.

The C++ client API is now available on our homepage.

[Jan 19, 2002]

The client side fail over behavior has a detailed specification. The requirement is implemented and its state set to CLOSED.

Please read
The client.failsafe requirement
for more details.

[Jan 6, 2003]

Thomas Bodemer donated a SimpleReaderGui and a SimpleReader. Please read more in README.

[Dec 22, 2002]

XmlBlaster can now be configured to startup as either a Windows NT/2000 service or a Linux/Unix service. This support is donated by David Robison.

Please read
xmlBlaster as a service
for more details.

[Nov 27, 2002]

PtP cluster routing support is now available. This allows to send point-to-point messages and ACK messages between clients which are connected to different cluster nodes.

Please read
The cluster.PtP requirement
The engine.qos.publish.destination.PtP requirement
for more details.

[Nov 17, 2002]

The new queue requirements and implementations are available. As xmlBlaster is heavily based on queueing mechanisms the basic queue concept has been redesigned and reimplemented to transparently support transient (RAM) queues, persistence queues and cache queues. The cache queue supports swapping to tailback huge message amounts.

Please read
The queue requirement
The queue.cache requirement
The queue.ram requirement
The queue.jdbc requirement
The queue.jdbc.oracle requirement
The queue.jdbc.postgres requirement
for more details.

[Nov 17, 2002]

The new message lifecycle requirement describes the message and topic lifecycle.

Please read
The engine.message.lifecycle requirement
for more details.

[Nov 15, 2002]

The new xmlBlaster error code requirement is available and under development.

Please read
The admin.errorcodes requirement
for more details.

[Nov 7, 2002]

A new logging plugin framework is available by Peter Antman from the Sweden conncetion. It supports to redirect logging, as an example a log4j plugin is provided.

Please read
The util.log.plugin requirement
for more details.

[Oct 30, 2002]

A new message dispatcher plugin framework to configure message delivery is available. It supports arbitrary customer plugins to control which messages are sent to remote destinations, which are queued and many more dispatching details.

Please read
The dispatch.control.plugin requirement
The dispatch.plugin.priorizedDispatch requirement
for more details.

[Sep 30, 2002]

Peter Antman added a full text search plugin with XPath for xml'ish message contents of mime types like text/xml and image/svg+xml.

Please read
XmlBlaster mime.plugin.access.xpath requirement
for more details.

[Sep 19, 2002]

Peter Antman extended the support for running XmlBlaster inside JBoss.

The JCA conpatible XmlBlaster resource adapter was updated to work in the lates JBoss (3.0) and the login management is now based on the user session stuff. An XmlBlaster MBean has also been added, which makes it possible to easilly embed the complete XmlBlaster server inside JBoss.

Handling of JAXP parsers have also been changed. It is now both possible and easy (and default) to load other JAXP parser factories than the default JVM settings. Each Global now has its own parser factories, which are configurable by setting properties in the xmlBlaster.properties file.

Please read
XmlBlaster MBean requirement
XmlBlaster JCA resource adapter
Global with new methods for SAXFactory, DocumentBuilder and TransformerFactory
for more details.

[Sep 09, 2002]

Konrad Krafft added an xmlBlaster specific classloader.

With this approach you can embed the xmlBlaster server into your own application. XmlBlaster runs in separate threads but in the same JVM as your application and avoids with this approach conflicts of different XML parser variants or different CORBA libraries.

Note that this XmlBlasterClassLoader bootstraps the complete xmlBlaster server, additionally the PluginClassLoader loads all xmlBlaster plugins separate from the xmlBlaster core.

Currently a specific classloader on the xmlBlaster Java client side is missing, which would allow embedding the java xmlBlaster client helper library in any of your environment.

Please read
Classloader factory requirement
XmlBlasterClassLoader requirement
PluginClassLoader requirement
for more details.

[Aug 13, 2002]

Added tinySQL as a default JDBC driver to access dBase database files.
It is small and tiny, allowing us to add regression tests for our JDBC plugin and allowing you to remote access dBase files from any programming language using xmlBlaster.

Please read
RDBMS requirement
RDBMS pool requirement
for more details.

[Aug 09, 2002]

Nils Nilson donated a patch to compile the C++ xmlBlaster clients with the omniORB C++ CORBA library

[Jul 09, 2002]
Cyrille added a new Php demo using XmlRpc.
Updated the Perl demo using XmlRpc.
see xmlBlaster/demo (CVS only).
[Jun 24, 2002]
Administration support over telnet and command-messages released.

Please read
telnet administration requirement
message based administration requirement
query syntax requirement
for more details.
[Jun 15, 2002]
Finally xmlBlaster has got its fine grained run level support, see the
run level requirement
for more details.
[Jun 12, 2002]
Administration with SNMP/JMX/telnet and internal messages specified. Added a plugin framework with telnet example, the various protocols are still under development.

Please read
administration requirement
and query requirement
for more details.
[Jun 11, 2002]
To improve performance in distributed xmlBlaster cluster environments it is now possible to configure dirty reads for selected messages.

Please read
What the hell is this?
for more details.
[Jun 9, 2002]
The MIME based plugin filter framework is available to intercept/manipulate published messages.

Please read
What is this?
How do i write a plugin?
for more details.
[May 06, 2002]
Remote xmlBlaster administration support with telnet added. See the telnet requirement how to use it.
[May 06, 2002]
XmlBlaster now supports regular expression full text search to retrieve messages. See the regex requirement how to use it. It is implemented as a simple plugin using our AccessFilter interface in only two hours.
[April 08, 2002]
There is a new requirement for xmlBlaster clusters available. This is a request for comment (RFC). Please comment on it in our mailing list.
[April 02, 2002]
XmlBlaster has now a registered SNMP number under iso.org.dod.internet.private.enterprise (, our tree leaf is
See PRIVATE ENTERPRISE NUMBERS This allows us to play a well defined role in an SNMP controlled environment.
[Mar 27, 2002]
Released xmlBlaster version 0.79e Download
There are new modules like MIME based access filter plugin framework, a totally redesigned callback and queueing framework with many new features, native XML database support (XIndice), session based logins and a much higher performance (see news below).
See the release notes to find out what is new.
[Mar 15, 2002]
The MIME based plugin filter framework is available.

Please read
What is this?
How do i write a plugin?
for more details.
[Mar 13, 2002]
The core redesign is finished and available. There are many new features, and a real performance boost.
Please read session requirement callback requirement queue requirement message requirement for more details. The performance got a real boost: 1759 messages / second on a 1.4 GHz Linux, IBM JDK 1.3 with this test: Server: java -Xms18M -Xmx32M org.xmlBlaster.Main Client: java -Xms18M -Xmx32M org.xmlBlaster.test.stress.LoadTestSub -burstMode.publish 500 -burstMode.collectTime 500 -numPublish 50000

Client and server have their own CPU. A transient message is published and updated to one client.

[Feb 26, 2002]
The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) has officially assigned following internet ports for xmlBlaster.
       xmlblaster      3412/tcp              # xmlBlaster
       xmlblaster      3412/udp              # xmlBlaster
Just add them to your /etc/services.
This allows us in future to bootstrap xmlBlaster in internet/intranet MoM clusters. See Port overview and IANA.
[Feb 18, 2002]
Cyrille has donated a professional looking logo:

[Feb 18, 2002]
The alpha release of our raw socket communication is available (CVS main branch only).
This allows pushing back asynchronous messages through the same socket connection which was established by a client. With this approach there is no need for a client to establish a callback server to receive instant callbacks. It solves problems with firewalls or when the client may not open a callback socket (for example an applet in a browser).
The client side runs fine with JDK 1.1x
Please read the requirement protocol.socket for details. The Javadoc describes how to set it up.
[Feb 13, 2002]
Cyrille has committed a Perl demo accessing xmlBlaster via XmlRpc
Please read more in README. (CVS main branch only).
[Jan 22, 2002]
Added XmlRpc C demo code allowing client requests and asynchronous callback. Please read more in README. (CVS main branch only).
[Nov 19, 2001]
A htpasswd Security Plugin for xmlBlaster is available.
Logins to xmlBlaster are authenticated using a simple password file, analogous to the UNIX passwd schema or htpasswd method from Apache.
Please follow the instructions in README on how to use it.
[Sep 09, 2001]
The LDAP Security Plugin for xmlBlaster is available.
There is now an LDAP authentication plugin for xmlBlaster available.
Logins to xmlBlaster are delegated transparently to a running LDAP server.
Please follow the instructions in README on how to use it.
[Aug 20, 2001]
Wolfgang Kleinertz has pre-released the code of his fabulous security framework (CVS main branch only).
This allows to plugin any back end authentication or authorization server you like.
Demo code for a GUI based authentication/authorization plugin (screenshot) where the user must accept or denie manually and a plugin for a2Blaster are available. We are looking to a bright future with many more plugins (LDAP, Kerberos ...) See some first sequence diagrams.

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