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XmlBlaster has three mailing lists up.

The mailing list archive is archived hourly and available via a convenient web interface.
You are welcome to use our search interface on

  • xmlblaster - for general discussion
  • xmlblaster-devel - for developers
  • To Subscribe:

  •  xmlblaster - for general discussion
  •  xmlblaster-devel - for developers.
  •  xmlblaster-svn - for announcements of svn activities only (no discussion and not archived), expect heavy load on this list.
  • To Unsubscribe:

  •  xmlblaster (unsubscribe)
  •  xmlblaster-devel (unsubscribe)
  •  xmlblaster-svn (unsubscribe)
  • Posting:
    You can posting an email to the mailing list

  •  xmlblaster
  •  xmlblaster-devel
  • You are not supposed to post to the list xmlblaster-svn since it is for announcing svn activities only.

    Due to a lot of spam you can only post to our mailing list when you have subscribed to it, thus
    1. Subscribe
    2. Post your mail

    Please make sure not to send any HTML mail to the list.
    It will be rejected without further notice.