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ANNOUNCE: xmlBlaster release 0.72


release 0.72 is out!

Changes for 0.72 [Feb.1, 2000]

   - Support for new QoS tag <ForceQueuing /> in PtP style.
     * Without this flag, a message published to a client which is not
       logged in throws an exception.
     * Using this flag, the message will be queued by xmlBlaster
       until the client logs in. On login, all queued messages
       are sent to the client immediately.

   - Added some simple console input mode, to control xmlBlaster
     Type <?> and <Enter> when xmlBlaster is running to get help.

   - Extended control panel GUI to support
     * dumping of xmlBlaster internal state
     * clearing the logging window
     * toggle from control panel GUI to console mode and back again

   - Bug fixed for subscribe with oid and later publish of this message.
     The BigXmlDom was not updated properly.

   - Added support for <qos><Readonly /></qos>,
     where only the first publish is accepted.

   - Added logging redirection to file,
     use on command line "-?" to query possible parameters.

   - Bug fixed for multiple login (without logout) and PtP messages.

   - Bug fixed for multiple <isDurable> messages.

   - Added missing FileDriver.erase().

   - Two bug fixes with unSubscribe() calls for previous XPATH



Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de