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XML based requirements for xmlBlaster


we will begin to document all xmlBlaster requirements
from now on!

Each requirement will be one xml file in the

About 5 tags should be enough to categorize a requirement

All date of changes and who changed it is available
through cvs (as $Author$ and $Version$ tags).

Some XSL style sheet transforms the requirements to some
informative HTML outputs, or some nicely formatted
print outputs (if anybody needs such stuff :-)


- All features of xmlBlaster are clearly documented.
- The state of each requirement is query able (open/finished/..).
- Bugs are query able
- XSL styles lets define nice views on the fly.
- XPath allows queries.
- Each requirement has one to many references to the already
  existing test suite.
- Every requirement test is fully automatic implemented in
  the test suite.
- As everything is ASCII based, cvs can easily merge concurrent
- Requirements may be edited in any XML capable browser.
- The system is totally simple, absolutely cheap and very extensible.

What do you think, any improvements?


Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de