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Re: XmlBlaster Windows Installation Help

> Lamine Sano wrote:
> Hi Marcel, Manuel
> I have been trying to install xmlblaster on my windows98 laptop to no
> avail.  The thing that intrigues me is the jaco interpreter for
> starting all of the servers and services processes.  It is a unix
> shell and the windows version is nowhere to be found in the directory
> hierarchy.
> What is it that I am missing or not getting ?
> Thanks guys,
The jaco script is from the JacORB CORBA library.

You can make a little "jaco.bat" file containing:


As i don't have any Windows, i couldn't test this.

In the next release, we hopefully don't need any jaco script
anymore, since JacORB 1.0 will use the standard way to 
replace the JDK CORBA lib.


PS: I posted this to our mailing list as well.
Peter Roth is our Windows porter, he may have some advice as well :-)

Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de