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ANNOUNCE xmlBlaster release 0.76


release 0.76 is out!

Changes for 0.76 [May.8, 2000]

   - Added a client cache to CorbaConnection class, allowing
     clients cheap synchronous polling for a message (Java only).
     See xmlBlaster/doc/requirements/client.cache.xml

   - Added demo for http browser callback without closing the http
     and online:

     Netscape 4.x on Linux/HPUX/Win and
     Netscape 4.7 / MSIE 5 on WinNT and Win98
     runs fine.

   - Bugfixes (especially memory leak fixed) in browser
     callback framework.

   - Logging output can now be customized.
     You can choose the Date and Time formatting and the
     language and country.
     The amount of logging information is adjustable as well.
        "Saturday, April 29, 2000 7:05:49 PM GMT+02:00 INFO Published
AuthServer IOR on port 7609"
     or in french:
        "samedi 29 avril 2000 19 h 06 GMT+02:00 INFO Published
AuthServer IOR on port 7609"
     or in short form german:
        "29.04.00 19:07 INFO Published AuthServer IOR on port 7609"
     or minimal:
        "Published AuthServer IOR on port 7609"
     See xmlBlaster.properties.template how to use it.

   - Bugfix when logging to file with missing permissions in Util.java
     The bug resulted in a never ending loop.

   - xmlBlaster.properties can now be placed in 'java.home' directory
     as well (this is for example /opt/jdk1.2.2/jre/lib).
     This feature may be helpful if you want to start a deamon
     or a servlet which has no home directory.
     See org.xmlBlaster.util.Property for more informations

   - xmlBlaster now uses the new JacORB 1.1 with SSL support

   - .jacorb_properties is renamed to jacorb.properties
     YOU NEED TO REMOVE YOUR $HOME/.jacorb_properties and
     configure $HOME/jacorb.properties
     Use the xmlBlaster/jacorb.properties.template as a base

   - Peter added the sweet rainbow fish to our control panel

   - XmlKey.getContentMimeExtended() now returns "" (empty string)
     as default fallback. Before the default was null.
     This is smarter when used in XSL style sheets.



Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de