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running xmlBlaster with orbacus

I have made some changes to xmlBlaster to allow it to run with other corbas than jacorb or mico.
I tested these changes with orbacus for java (JOB-4.0b3) and orbacus for c++ (OB-4.0b2 & OB-4.0b3).
The main changes are in the settings, so I created a new directory called config where I put wrappers and scripts which are specific to a particular corba.

To run & compile xmlBlaster with orbacus you must

- download it from http://www.ooc.com

- install it
     ./configure --enable-shared --prefix=/usr/local/orbacus
      make install

- define the environment variable

- source the .bashrc in the xmlBlaster directory in the following way:
      source .bashrc orbacus

The FileSave tests do not work with orbacus yet. I will track down the error


Michele Laghi
Av. Benavides 163 dpto. 301
tel./fax +51 1 4463956
e-mail: michele.laghi at attglobal.net