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Fwd: Passing XML documents via the xmlKey

From: "Brett G. Palmer" <bpganjanette at uswest.net>
To: <xmlblaster at server.xmlBlaster.org>
CC: <plum001 at hotmail.com>
Subject: Passing XML documents via the xmlKey
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 13:00:31 -0600

Hi all,

I sent this message yesterday, but never saw it posted from the xmlBlaster
list server.  I am working on a project that uses a JMS service to allow
client applications to publish and subscribe to XML documents.  We would
like to be able to select on the XML document itself using a simple XPath
expression, but JMS doesn't have this ability.

From my initial investigation of xmlBlaster it looks like we would be able
to publish and subscribe to XML documents by packaging the document in the
MessageUnit.  For our purposes, the message key (i.e. xmlKey) would be the
data we were trying to publish and the content part of the message would be
null or nothing.  This purpose is different from the original design, but
does anyone know if this wouldn't work.

Would there be any performance problems with implementing a solution using
these ideas? Also, I haven't looked at the code, but how difficult would it
be to add the capability of passing the "xmlKey" as an XML document rather
than just a string. I assume that once the xmlBlaster server receives the
message it translates it into the appropriate XML document so that the XT
processor can perform the XPath query.

Any feedback on the above ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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