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ANNOUNCE xmlBlaster release 0.77


release 0.77 is out.

It contains mostly bug fixes.

Please note that the CORBA login() method
changed one argument (see below), you need
to change your clients as well.

Changes for 0.77 [Jun, 3 2000]
  - Bug fix in Main - MainGUI swapping and log WARN toggle.

  - browser callback enhancement:
    It is now possible to pass the login name and the password
    through the session object of the servlet (cookie).
    This allows you to use your own authentication.
    See client.browser.xml requirement how to do it.

  - Bug fix for XPath subscription match errors.
    Thanks to "Brett Palmer" <plum001 at hotmail.com>
    for finding and describing this bug.

  - Stripped from jacorb.jar unneeded classes.
    This reduces the size from 3.7 MB to 2.3 MB.

  - Bug work around for thread leak: The thread leak from
    JacORB 1.1 is for the bug being fixed in CorbaConnection.java

  - Bug fix in CorbaConnection.java: Cleanup for Callback server added.

  - Changed XML parser to jaxp 1.0.1 and added servlet support
    to xtdash.jar (from original xt.jar).
    NOTE: You need to remove xml.jar from your CLASSPATH and
    add jaxp.jar and parser.jar (see xmlBlaster/lib directory)

  - Changed xmlBlaster.idl
       login(in string loginName, in string passwd,
                  in clientIdl::BlasterCallback cb,
                  in serverIdl::XmlType qos)
       login(in string loginName, in string passwd,
                  in serverIdl::XmlType qos)
    The callback protocol and address is now passed using
    the xml based qos.
    NOTE: You need to change your client code as well!
    See requirement engine.qos.login.callback

  - CORBA implementors other than JACORB and MICO can now be used.
    can work for the xmlBlaster server, java clients and c++ clients.
    need OB-4.0b3 (for c++) and JOB-4.0b3 (for Java) or higher. You can
    find more about ORBACUS at http://www.ooc.com.

  - Persistent browser callback bugfixes
    * Added proper logout
    * Fixed security hole
    * Added support to set system properties through initArgs
    * Removed memory leak
    * Added ping/pong, to allow servlet to detect a lost browser


Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de