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Added GNU RegExp 1.0.8

i have added GNU RegExp 1.0.8 to the xmlBlaster libs. GNU-REXEXP is under LGPL.
The syntax of gnu.regexp includes awk, sed, emacs, perl and grep.
Download: http://www.cacas.org/java/gnu/regexp/
To run the Grep and Egrep programs, you'll need to install the gnu.getopt package
available at http://www.urbanophile.com/~arenn/hacking/download.html,and put
those class files in your classpath as well.
I think we can optimize some code-section with REGEXP and suspend
xml-parsing. e.g. You'll know if OID is in a XmlKey or you can very
easy search and replace (like Perl) some Tags.

I hope you love RegExp lol:::))))
Cheers from Manuel
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