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Request for Comment (RFC) - cvs update

Marcel Ruff wrote:
> Hi,
> i would like to change some details in xmlBlaster,
> if anybody likes to comment on it please feel free to do so.
> 1. New/changed package.
> Common helper classes for the server AND
> client classes, as well for the RMI interface
> will reside in the
>    org.xmlBlaster.engine.helper
> instead of
>    org.xmlBlaster.util
> For example Destination.java, MessageUnit.java etc.
> 2. Changing CORBA IDL.
> The MessageUnit struct gets a new member 'string XmlQos'
> and the old MessageUnitContainer is removed.
> Calls with seperate MessageUnit and qos arguments
> will only have one MessageUnit argument in future.
> Calls using MessageUnitContainer will be renamed to
> use the new MessageUnit.
> The method setClientAttributes() is deprecated
> and will be removed.
> Using the comming a2Blaster (authentication and
> authorization server) we use another interface.
> 3. Changing native interface.
> The native interface (which is used by all protocols
> like RMI, CORBA, XML-RPC) will only have the new
>    org.xmlBlaster.engine.helper.MessageUnit
> class, and no CORBA dependency any more.
Ok, the changes are now in cvs available.

Heavy changes, expect to spoil a day to
port your client code - sorry.

Read the hints in doc/REL_NOTES.

Remove all old .class files in xmlBlaster/classes
before compiling.


Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de