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Re: Asynchronous + synchronous transmission required.

Nehali Shah wrote:
> hello,
> here is my query.
> we've an application where asynchronous messaging is to be used but while
> pushing the data from one server to the other server depending on some
> action, it has to make sure that all the data pending for the other server
> are to be pushed instantaneously ( synchronous transmission is needed at
> this point of time). so is there any solution supported in xmlblaster for
> this kind of application?

Yes, if i get you right this is typical publish/subscribe
and this is supported by xmlBlaster.

> further this is the shopping application where the messaging is needed
> between the search and the order servers.
> how useful xmlblaster will be for our kind of application?

I don't understand exactly what your goal is, could you please
explain it further?



Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de