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Re: is message searching possible?

Nehali Shah wrote:
> hi there,
> does that mean that if client & server both are logged in, the message is
> instantaneously delivered without any delay??? or there is any other
> mechanism by which the message is getting delivered???

It is delivered without any delay, typically
some 10 milliseconds are needed to receive it and deliver it.


> >Currently only the newest message is kept in xmlBlaster
> >in publish/subscribe mode (no queue there).
> >
> >The different messages are searched with XPath which is part
> >of the XSLT standard (a query over the XML meta data of messages).
> >
> >For example subscribe() or get() may use Xpath queries
> >in the xmlKey (queryType='XPATH').
> >
> >See for example:
> >   xmlBlaster/demo/javaclients/corba/ClientSub.java
> >
> >With PointToPoint messages, there is a queue if the
> >receiver is offline, as soon as the receiver
> >logs in, all messages in the queue are flushed.
> >
> >Topic queues (not bound to a client or user, but to a topic)
> >are not yet implemented. If needed you would need
> >to implement it yourself and probably donate it
> >to xmlBlaster :-)

Marcel Ruff
ruff at swand.lake.de