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Re: New performance peak: 405 message/sec

Title: Re: New performance peak: 405 message/sec
Hello Marcel....

Thank you for your performance measurements.  Thank you (and the other
authors) for your open software project.

I'd be interested in knowing just how theese measurements are made, So
I can eveluate
what they mean.  What I would like to know is what is a "thoeretical"
maximum number
of messages that the XMLBlaster can handle per-second.  

By theoretical I mean the maximum number of messages you can push
through on a given machine.  The clients (Publishers and Subscribers)
usually are the bottlenecks and if I understood how you did this test,
you used only one publisher, and only one subcriber, and they both ran
on the same machine!

What I suggest is using a machine for XMLBlaster, and other machines
for the clients, to test what XMLBlaster can do!

I would also be interested in how well XMLBlaster uses multiple CPU's.

This sort of test may seem unrealistic, I even stated that the clients
are the bottlenecks.
But the sort of system I envision, (maybe with XMLBlaster at the core)
would have many types
of messages (>100), where the bottleneck MAY not be a client (due to
the number of different clients).

But have know fear, I'm not asking you to go out buy the hardware for
these test, but instead I offer my hadware and my time, and my

My Hardware:
1 ABIT BP4 dual celeron 500's with 256mb, with SuSE 7.0
1 ABIT BP4 dual celeron 500's with 256mb, with win2000
1 GigaByte dual Pentium II 400's with 128mb, with SuSE 7.0 (Router,file
And a couple of other machines in pieces lying around.

My Time;
is limited (as is everybody elses), but I do have permission for my
Employer (ABNAMRO NV Zuerich branch) to help or even join your project
(using MY free time). But I can included ideas and expiriences made in
the Bank.

My Expirience:
At ABM AMRO zurich, over the last 5 years, I developed a pub/sub core
system with corresponding applications.  It is called StarGate (long
before the TV series came out!) for Securities, Treasury And Resources.

The Stargate system LACKS a lot of the advanced features that
XMLBlaster already has.  But on the other side, it has evolved beyond
just Publish 'n Subcribe into a new generation of
system, which we tend to call a "flow based system".  A flow based
system requires a pub/sub system at it's core, but it places additional
requirements on the Pub/Sub system.  

The Bank unfotunately (it's not in the Software building buisness after
all) will not budget the changes required to the StarGate system to
allow it to support theese additional functions.  There are not enough
future applications for seen to warrant rewritîng the core, and then
changing all existing applications.  The additional functions will be
written in to the future applcations themselves (as we do now).

Of course, I want to continue developing leading edge tools and
systems.  Therefore my "excape" to OpenSoftware and your project.  I've
been snooping your project for close to a year now.  Although I only
tried once, I didn't get your software to run on my machine (then SuSE
6.4 or maybe even 6.3?).  It was a while ago. 

Since I need to start getting into your system (before I can think
about joining you all),
I suggest that with a little bit of help you (all) I could set up
XMLBlaster on my machines and run it though it's paces.  In this way
I'll start out supporting the project with something usefull as I learn
the system.

Well, my name is Jerry Westrick, born March 20 1959 (am 41),in Tampa
Fla. USA.  I'm american and more recently also Swiss.  I've been
programming since 1975 when I started 2 years of (Fortran IV)
programming in High-School.  I have profesional expirience in many,
many programming languages (I stopped counting after 12).
Currently I'm working (on StarGate) with C++/MFC on WINNT 4.0 platform,
using the Visual Studio development system.  I have NO expirience with
programming for Linux, and JAVA is not one of the >12 languages.  

I want to start developing on Linux in both JAVA and C++, and I have
PERL expirience (on winnt 4.0).  I would be thankfull for any hints,
tips and suggestions on what environment I could / should or should not

Further Actions:
Are you interested?  Please suggest a game plan.

Thanking you for your time.
	Jerry Westrick

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On 09.10.00, 21:55:38, Marcel Ruff <ruff at swand.lake.de> wrote regarding
New performance peak: 405 message/sec:

> Hi,

> i have just compared SUNs JDK 1.3 (with Hotspot)
> against IBM 1.3 (13) with xmlBlaster on Linux (600 MHz):

> IBMs jdk boosts xmlBlaster message throuput
> from 300 (with SUN/HotSpot) to
> 405 messages/second.

> nice!

> Marcel

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> Marcel Ruff
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> http://www.lake.de/home/lake/swand/
> http://www.xmlBlaster.org