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Re: New performance peak: 405 message/sec

To ALL...

Okay, I got the CVS...  No problem just followed the instructions on XML 
CVS seems to be major source control system.  I will learn it as I go.

About development on linux.....  What to use.

Since I have no expirience, I have to learn to use something... But which 
So Here a couple of questions:
1) Which JAVA should I use, (if it matters).

2) What system should/can I use for development? Any decent RADs out 
there?  Do they also support C++, how about PERL?...  

3) What about corba/orb XML, IDL, and all that other stuff I need to 

I have nothing against reading, but.... It really don't want to spend 
ages trying out
system after sysem....  So maybe you can give so tips as to what to use?

I hope I don't start a religeous war here!  But as much advice as posible 
on which one to start with would be very welcome!

Jerry at Westrick.com