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Re: Performance comparison of CORBA/RMI/XML-RPC in xmlBlaster

Wow, It's working...
Thanks for your assistance.

How about xmlBlaster's XML-RPC Interoperability ?
Can we test with: http://validator.xmlrpc.com/ ?

Best Regards,

At 09:44 31/10/00 +0100, Marcel Ruff wrote:
>Budi Wiyono wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> I'm interesting with XML-RPC support in xmlBlaster.
>> Any good example / tutorial related to this topics ?
>> 1. There are no XML-RPC examples in xmlBlaster Rel 0_7_8.
>Yes, you need to use cvs.
>(I think it is time to make a new release).
>> 2. I Cannot compile /demo/javaclients/xmlrpc/XmlRpcHttpClient.java from CVS
>> download.
>This is not ported to the new client libs yet.
>(I want to make this as a low level XML-RPC demo one day).
>But you don't need this client.
>ANY java client can run now with XML-RPC when specifying
>   -client.protocol XML-RPC
>on command line e.g.
>   java javaclients.ClientSub -client.protocol XML-RPC
>If you want XML-RPC as default, put 
>   client.protocol=XML-RPC
>into your xmlBlaster.property
>If you are interested in the low level XML-RPC hacking stuff
>look into
>   xmlBlaster/src/java/org/xmlBlaster/protocol/xmlrpc
>   xmlBlaster/src/java/org/xmlBlaster/client/protocol/xmlrpc
>regards Marcel