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ANNOUNCE xmlBlaster release 0.79b


here is the new xmlBlaster release 0.79b.

Changes for 0.79b [March, 11 2000]

 - Bugfix with Base64 support in xmlrpc (thanks to Nikolai Devereaux)

 - J2EE support added by Peter Antman
   See: xmlBlaster/src/java/org/xmlBlaster/j2ee/k2/README
   See: xmlBlaster/demo/javaclients/j2ee/k2
   New jars for J2EE support:
   connector.jar jaas.jar jta-spec1_0_1.jar
   jms.jar ejb2.0.jar jndi-jdk1_3_1.jar
   (The jndi jar is needed for JDK 1.2 only)

 - Added support for volatile messages (thanks to Peter Antman).
   A volatile messages exists only during publish and processing
   it (doing the updates).
   A non-volatile messages (which is default) stays in memory as
   long as the server runs.

 - erase() now reports the correct number of erased messages
   if some of the messages did not exist.

 - Change of behavior (thanks to Stefan Nickisch):
   If a callback to a client fails, the subscription will be
   automatically canceled for this client.

 - Integrated JacORB CORBA release 1.3.11
   Please copy the new xmlBlaster/config/jacorb.properties.template
   to $HOME/jacorb.properties (replacing the old one).

 - Added _release() calls to avoid JacORB memory leak on shutdown()

 - Bug fixed in JDBC adapter, NullPointerException because of
   missing namespace (thanks to Juergen Freidling).

 - Subscribe Bug fixed (reported by Stefan Nickisch)
   If a subscriber crashes without logout, this will disturb all other
   No more communication is possible until the crashed subscriber will
log on

 - Added proper RMI server and callback server shutdown

 - Renamed servlet-2.0.jar to servlet.jar

 - Added a simple Python hello world demo,
   see xmlBlaster/demo/python/README

 - Messages from the persistent store now deliver the correct
   sender name, the unique login name of the publisher.
   Thanks to Suhas Bharambe for reporting the bug.

 - Persistent Db integration (code, but no release).

 - Changed to JAXP and DOM2 Sun/crimson XML parser
   jaxp-1.1ea2 from SUN, DOM2 SAX2

 - Changed code to conform to SAX2

 - Login QoS has no <noPtP> element anymore, this is set
   for each CallbackAddress from now on.
     <callback type='IOR'>
        <PtP>false</PtP> <!-- Set this flag if you don't want to receive
                         <!-- any PtP messages, prevents 'spamming' -->

 - Other smaller enhancements

There is one incompatible change to 0.79a, if
you have used <noPtP> on login (see above).
Please use the new jacorb.properties (see above).



Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de