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gnu autoconf


I started checking out xmlBlaster last week to see how/if I could use it.   On
my linux box the server and test clients worked fine, but on my Irix box the
server would not start.  I tried to rebuild on Irix and I got errors with the
make session.  I didnt really wany to debug the Makefiles, so I got the CVS and
tried to autoconf the java code.  I am not an autoconf expert, but I borrowed
most of the macros from the apache jserv project.  Now autoconf/automake seems
to be working fine for the src/java, testsuite/org, and demo/javaclients
directories in my CVS tree.  And the server and clients built from it seem

Anyway, I will contribute the gnu make session if you all are interested.  I
have not tried to include building the c++ directories etc, but it probably
would not be too hard to add in.

Any thoughts?