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Re: gnu autoconf

Cory Bennett wrote:
> Hello,
> I started checking out xmlBlaster last week to see how/if I could use it.   On
> my linux box the server and test clients worked fine, but on my Irix box the
> server would not start.  I tried to rebuild on Irix and I got errors with the
> make session.  I didnt really wany to debug the Makefiles, so I got the CVS and
> tried to autoconf the java code.  I am not an autoconf expert, but I borrowed
> most of the macros from the apache jserv project.  Now autoconf/automake seems
> to be working fine for the src/java, testsuite/org, and demo/javaclients
> directories in my CVS tree.  And the server and clients built from it seem
> good.
> Anyway, I will contribute the gnu make session if you all are interested.

Thanks, this sounds great!

You have testet it with SGI and Linux, possibly
Heinrich Götzger could cross-check it on his HPUX.

If Heinrich has time to do so, he could contact you
to get the autoconf pieces.

> I
> have not tried to include building the c++ directories etc, but it probably
> would not be too hard to add in.

Could you give C++ a try?
When all parts work fine we should add it to the xmlBlaster cvs tree.
What happens to the old Makefiles, we could throw them away then, right?

The Makefiles currently do build the documentation as well
- doc/requirements for the Reference Handbook
- testsuite/org/xmlBlaster for Java code syntax highlighting
- xmlBlaster/Makefile for Javadoc

I often thought to cleanup the xmlBlaster root directory from all
build make etc. stuff over the next releases,
is it possible to put the autonf thingies into the xmlBlaster/conf

What do you think?



Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de