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Re: gnu autoconf

On Tue, 13 Mar 2001, Marcel Ruff wrote:

>Cory Bennett wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I started checking out xmlBlaster last week to see how/if I could use it.   On
>> my linux box the server and test clients worked fine, but on my Irix box the
>> server would not start.  I tried to rebuild on Irix and I got errors with the
>> make session.  I didnt really wany to debug the Makefiles, so I got the CVS and
>> tried to autoconf the java code.  I am not an autoconf expert, but I borrowed
>> most of the macros from the apache jserv project.  Now autoconf/automake seems
>> to be working fine for the src/java, testsuite/org, and demo/javaclients
>> directories in my CVS tree.  And the server and clients built from it seem
>> good.
>> Anyway, I will contribute the gnu make session if you all are interested.
>Thanks, this sounds great!
>You have testet it with SGI and Linux, possibly
>Heinrich Götzger could cross-check it on his HPUX.

I possibly really could do that ;-)

>If Heinrich has time to do so, he could contact you
>to get the autoconf pieces.

What I need would be some hints on how to install autoconf/automake and
get it running.
Right now I have a D270 with HP-UX 10.20 available.
But a bigger problem would be to get a good java (1.2 or 1.3) on my system
since HP supports Java2 only for 11.x as far as I know.

An other question came up to me, how does it affect the build.xml which is
used by ant?

Best regards


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