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Re: ChangeLog and friends

Okay, I have finished tar'ing the files together. As it turns out the
extraneous files like AUTHORS and ChangeLog dont actually seem to be required.
 I dont remember why I thought thet were.

Currently the make will only build the java files, leaving the class files in
the src directory and build lib/xmlBlaster.jar.  We can add all the appropriate
customizations and preferences in later.

For the build to work you still need to have oracle.jdbc.* and oracle.sql.* in
your CLASSPATH, before you run 'configure'.  It should not be to hard to make
configure check to see it if can be found, else fail, but I have not done that

Update your CVS tree.  I put a tar.gz file in the config directory.  I have
also added config/README.autoconf for instruction on how to install it into and
remove it from the CVS tree.

I figure when we get that patch working to everyone's liking then we can just
remove the tar file and commit all the autoconf Makefiles.

If you have any issues/questions/comments let me know.


On Mar 13,  8:34pm, Marcel Ruff wrote:
> Subject: ChangeLog and friends
> Cory,
> could you please change the most necessary
> files to conform to autoconf as well?
> You mentioned rename CHANGES to ChangeLog
> and AUTHORS etc.
> (do a cvs update before)
> thanks,
> Marcel
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