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Re: gnu autoconf

> >
> > One difference between the build I have now is that all the class files do
> > get moved into the classes dir.  They stay in the src directory and get
> > archived into the jar file from there.  I think this is best since if you
> > modify
> > a java file then the make will be able to compare the time-stamp to the
> > object (class file) and just rebuild the new files.  So if you edit one
> > file buried in the src directory, then run a top-level make, it will only
> > compile that one file and re-jar everything agian.  I dont think the
> > make works like that since it cant compare the time-stamps of the objects
> > becasue they are moved to the classes dir, so it rebuilds everything
> >  At least that is what it was doing on my linux box when I was playing with
> No, the current Makefile compares the source with the target correct,
> it only recompiles what is necessary.

Cool, I was probably just hallucinating :)

> In my humble opinion i would prefer to have no class files
> mess around in the source tree.

When I took the macros from the apache jserv project, that is how they did it (
class files in src tree).  It worked and I didnt want to fuss with it then.  I
might be able to configure it so it will work properly and still install the
class files into the classes directory.  It will probably take a bit of


> Any other votes?
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