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RE: gnu autoconf

MR> I am not shure which is the best way to go.
MR> Ant is sufficient for pure java.

I'm doing all of my development on a Windows machine, running cygwin.  I've
never been able to get either make or ant to work properly.  I've tried
running ANT in a cmd window, assuming a complete Windows environment, and
that didn't work.  I've also tried changing my environment variables and
running ant in the cygwin/bash shell, and it didn't work there either.

MR> The C++ stuff is best handled with configure.
MR> I like configure, because it just always
MR> worked perfectly when i used in on many
MR> different kinds of UNIXes.
MR> On Windows, the configure does not work (i believe
MR> only with the cygnus cygwin tools - right?),
MR> what is the way to go there?

I didn't have much luck here either.  Maybe if other people have gotten it
to work right, you can shed some light on the steps you took to get things
to compile for me.

The only way I've been able to make changes to the xmlBlaster source to suit
my needs were to find the one source file I needed, make my changes, and
then compile it with

javac -classpath %XMLBLASTER_HOME%/lib/xmlBlaster.jar thefile.java

and use WinZip to replace the old class file in the jar with my new one.

Take care,