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Re: c++ compile?

On Mar 16, 10:56am, Marcel Ruff wrote:
> Here the output from the src/c++ section:
> =======================================
> ruff:~/xmlBlaster/src/c++$ make all
> echo target is all
> target is all
> cd /home/ruff/xmlBlaster/src/c++/generated; make all; cd ..
> make[1]: Entering directory `/home/ruff/xmlBlaster/src/c++/generated'
> ...

Thanks for the make output.  I had luck today getting mico and xerces-c
integrated into autoconf.  Fortunately there was already some mico autoconf
macros, but I had to hack out my own for xerces-c.  With some more luck I will
have the c++ clients building under autoconf by the end of the weekend.