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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] XML-CORBA mix - Classloader approach

On Tue, 22 Jan 2002, Marcel Ruff wrote:

>Heinrich Götzger wrote:
>>On Sun, 20 Jan 2002, Heinrich Götzger wrote:
>>Where would one place a ClassLoader and all additionally stuff in our
>>packages hirarchy?
>>How about: org.xmlBlaster.util.loader (like tomcat does)
>Yes like tomcat does it :-)

>I'm really looking forward for these changes!
>One thing could be a problem:
>Is manifest.xmlBlaster capable enough to handle
>all these jar-pathes? Otherwise it would force us
>to go back to all these shell scripts.
>But there is no way, we need customized Classloaders.

I think so as well.

As far as I decyphered it till now, we don't need any CLASSPATH in the
environment or in the manifest.xmlBlaster. xmlBlaster would take the jars
or classes it find's in the path we tell it to look for.

So $XMLBLASTER_HOME/lib and $XMLBLASTER_HOME/classes would be a place to
have the core jar and classes.

$XMLBLASTER_HOME/lib/protocol/corba/xmlrpc could contain all special jar
for xmlrpc.

$XMLBLASTER_HOME/lib/protocol/persistence/xmldb/xindice could contain all
special jar for Xindice (openorb.jar in our case).

A disadvantage would be that their is no recursive search for jar or
classes since it would destroy our concept.

There might be some different solution as well, so please comment.