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[xmlblaster-devel] subscription bug with 2 objects and same key


I've a major Problem with xmlBlaster.

I'm using one XmlBlasterConnection and want to subscribe 2 different objects
(from 2 different classes) on the same key.

Both objects got different subscriptionID, e.g.:
ConnectionAdapter:  subscriptionId =
ProxyServiceDriver: subscriptionId =

They differ only at the last 6 positions, but that should make no trouble.

My problem now is, that only the last subscribed object get the call for
update, if only ConnectionAdapter is subscribed on the key this object get
the update() call, if both objects are subscribed only ProxyServiceDriver
get a call to update().

I took a look at the XmlBlasterConnection class and found that all
subscriptions are put into a HashMap, and because of 2 different
subsrciptionIDs both should exist. The subscriptionID is used as key to this
HashMap. When update in XmlBlasterConnection is called, only one(!)
subscriptionID is transfered by QoS, because of this only one subscribed
object is called.

Does this behaviour make sense??
I think this is a bug, not a feature ;-)

If someone (hi Marcel :-)) please could check this out and maybe could fix
this problem it would be great!

regards Juergen Freidling