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[xmlblaster-devel] merge of CLASSLOADER-Branch to TRUNK

Hi folks,

as you may have noticed on our cvs-list already there have been a lot of
commitment today. The CLASSLOADER-Branch has been merged to the TRUNK.

Unfortunately, the Classloader hasn't been implemented yet. On my way I
found many open points to fix first and so I decided to merge and commit
some stable releases now.

These includes a change in the PluginManager, it's a Base-class and some
extending classes now. The xmldb and xindice has been rearanged and I
switched to Xindice completly. The mudb-driver has been removed.

Take a look in
to learn about the persistence plugin and how to use and test it.

Open points:
- adding the classloader approach
- add the testsuit for xindice (depends on the classloader)
- start xindice embedded (depends on the classloader)
- waiting on some final release of xindice

best regards and happy blastering