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[xmlblaster-devel] Opend new Branch 'plugin_classloader' in cvs


today I opend a branch 'plugin_classloader' in the cvs-repository of

The goal is to add a designated classloader(CL) to the plugin manager.

This CL shell be able to load classes and jars into the VM which are
neccessary to this plugin. This new/own classpath(CP) should be
independent of the regular CP.

Example - Try to load Xindice as persistence plugin:

Xindice is one possible implementation of a persistence layer, it's
instanciated by XMLDBPlugin which is located in the package:

the regular CP may look like (just an example):


Now xmlBlaster want Xindice to find it's own ORB-implementation first so
the pluginmanager has to create a new plugin specific CL which has the
regular CP extended by a recursive scan through the filesystem beginning
at the path wich corresponds to the packagename of the plugin.

(Does this make any sense to you?)

So the XMLDB-Plugin is in
my $XMLBLASTER_HOME is /home/goetzger/java/xmlBlaster/

adding some lib-path I start with:

<----   $XMLBLASTER_HOME  ---> lib/<----     package of the plugin    --->

and add all jars or classes which located under this path to my new
plugin CP.

Assuming the jars xindice.jar, xalan-2.0.1.jar, xmldb.jar and
openorb-1.2.0.jar are located in the path

The newly created CP could look like this:


Comments welcome.


and happy easter