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[xmlblaster-devel] Re: C++ compiling with ant/build: build.sh cpp-lib

Hello Marcel,

sorry if this is a newbie question but I could not find an answer on the
website (perhaps it is even not xmlBlaster related...).

When I run "./build.sh cpp-lib" (on debian) I get this message:
     [echo] Adjust following settings in build.properties if necessary:
     [echo]  XMLCPP_HOME   = /opt/local/xerces
     [echo]  XMLCPP_VER    = 1_7_0
     [echo]  CORBACPP_HOME = /opt/local/mico
     [echo]  CORBACPP_VER  = 2.3.7
     [echo] Generating IDL stubs and skeletons
       [if] Error in class net.sf.antcontrib.logic.IfTask

/tmp/xmlBlaster/build.xml:618: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException

I tried many things but nothing changed this. I would be glad if you or
other xmlBlaster users could give me a tiny hint what went wrong and what
I can do to get the c++ client lib compiled ;-)

Thank you!