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Re: AW: [xmlblaster-devel] Email parsing

Michele.Laghi at swisscom.com wrote:
Sounds good. I was just looking for such a father parser.

Ahh, this NodeParser is a father parser for something else i just wanted to show you my apporach, you need to build your own father parser (which we can reuse for WAP etc. and http-URI queries). If you have a better idea how to delegate SAX events i'ld be happy to use it as well. But the child parsers like PublishQos.java etc. exists.

> Since I did'nt find it I opted for dom.
> I think I will use NodeParser which should be faster.

Yes, DOM is terrible slow, message throughput of over some
hundred messages per second is not possible just because
of DOM.

For the requestId: Is is really needed ?
> The email protocol has already a sort of requestId in the header.
> I was thinking of using this.

Yes this sounds better.

I was also thinking that if the user disconnects in the same email,
> he will not get a response with the sessionId
> (would make sense for such clients which can not read emails,
>  but still want to publish messages).

Yes, you are right again.

Un sorriso ed un saluto

Grazie molto, e arrivederci (poco a poco io studio italiano)


Marcel Ruff
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