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[xmlblaster-devel] C++ xmlBlaster compiling history

Hi Martin,

i just wanted to tell the ant/build.xml history for C++.

In July 2000, Michele developed an own ant task to
support C++ compiling of our clients.
He lost his ant patches somewhere in universe (or
on his huge harddisk) but two fragments remained:


They are in cvs but where never used since then.

(there are mico.def and orbacus.def for the Makefiles
which are still in use but our Makefiles are deprecated).

In 2001 i tried cpptasks (from sourceforge) and it works
fine, so i installed xmlBlaster/lib/ant/cpptasks.jar
My tests where on Linux only and for mico only, the
task is in

 xmlBlaster/build.properties ($HOME/build.properties has precedence)

Michele's approach with corba specific settings and probably
some more extensions with Martin Johnsons Windows port of C++
compiling is necessary.

Probably we should change the mico.xml/orbacus.xml/tao.xml
to property format (same as build.properties) with precedence
if the file is in the home directory.
This way the core build.xml is generic getting its properties from

Just some thoughts, any better idea flying around?