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Re: [xmlblaster-devel] Sourceforge debate (was Re: Browser callbacks with XMLBlaster)

Ben Cox wrote:

Marcel wrote:

Michele.Laghi at swisscom.com wrote:

I think that having an own server and an own homepage is always an advantage. Anyway SourceForge is centralized and always a good page on which to start searching for Open Source projects. For that reason I think it would be a good idea to be present there too (for example JBoss has its own page and is present on SourceForge too). So I personally would prefere to keep our project where it is but at the same time publish and make it available on SourceForge.

I completely agree with this.... my experience has been that my search for MOM (especially firewall-friendly MOM) took a lot longer than it might have if you had been on Sourceforge. That is generally my first stop, and they always have something!
I also feel as though the development community is more likely to find out about it and contribute to it if it's on Sourceforge. One reason is that people are used to contributing to Sourceforge projects, so the details of the workflow activities are known and familiar.

If somebody is willing to do it, it is possibly a good idea.
I heared Sourceforge has a compile farm with all OS you can think of
this would be nice to test our C++ clients.
Probably they even have some Windows boxes which i never
could test on :-)

I've never used the compile farm for client-side stuff, so I don't know how that works.
I may be willing and able to spend a little time on this move in the next week or two, depending on my level of success and speed in using XMLBlaster on my paying gig! I would need a good deal of guidance and pointers to where everything is, how it's structured, etc. on your current site, but I'd be happy to do a good bit of the grunt work of moving and organizing things, if I have the time.

Does this mean the the main cvs repository is on sourceforge then or can we keep
our repository and mirror it to Sourceforge?

In the meantime, I'll be trying to pick your brains in order to use XMLBlaster for the paying gig.

No problem.

Perhaps I'll take notes and start putting together a User's Guide. Knowing me, however, I won't :-(

:-) But still, you are welcome to write the first and best UserGuide for xmlBlaster evrer ...